The WROBK Fellowship of Tampa Florida. Working to provide affordable housing, because "We R Our Brother's Keeper.
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We are building a better way. .

        Welcome to the WROBK Fellowship in Tampa Florida..

  W-R-O-B-K Fellowship, "We -R- Our Brother's Keeper". We are there for our displaced brothers and sisters in times of need. Our theme is to take advantage of the present depressed family home marketplace, one piece of property at a time for the ultimate benefit of those less fortunate, and those of them who R relying upon a disability check or a fixed income like Social Security.

  Our goal is to gain control of "bank REOs" [ bank-owned, real estate properties] with a debt service in the area of $60,000 or less. we can facilitate the availabilty of housing for two, three, or four people, providing affordable, discounted housing.

We'll have more information available here, soon. Our new web site is being built.
W-R-O-B-K Fellowship

    WROBK Fellowship   we -R- Our Brother's Keeper    PO Box 4921 Tampa Fl 33677.      Phone: (813) Eight Five Zero - Nineteen Seventy Four

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